Official Hinários Offical Hinários of the Santo Daime

I have been receiving a lot of feedback about the structure of the Hinarios, specifically about the delineation of Official versus Other hinarios. This is a delicate topic and it is currently under review. Please understand that the current setup is temporary and in no way is meant to value any hinarios over any others. All hinarios of the Daime community are divine transmissions and are worthy of our admiration, respect, love, and gratitude. I welcome any comments and suggestions (via the form on the Contact Page). Thank you so much for being here. Much love - Ben

Mestre Irineu

Mestre Irineu

Hinários of Mestre

O Cruzeiro

The Cross Hinário received by the Mestre

Santa Missa

The Holy Mass

Diversões do Mestre

Hymns of Mestre that are not included in his hinários

Padrinho Sebastiao

Padrinho Sebastião

Hinários of Padrinho Sebastião

O Justiceiro

The first hinário received by Padrinho Sebastiao

Nova Jerusalem

The New Jerusalem

Padrinho Alfredo

Padrinho Alfredo

Hinários of Padrinho Alfredo

O Cruzeirinho

The Little Cross Hinário of Padrinho Alfredo

Nova Era

The New Age Hinário

Nova Dimensão

New Dimension

Antonio Gomes

Antônio Gomes

One of the Companions of Mestre Irineu

O Amor Divino

The Divine Love

Germano Guilherme

Germano Guilherme

One of the Companions of Mestre Irineu

Vós Sois Baliza

You Are A Beacon

Maria Damiao

Maria Damião

One of the Companions of Mestre Irineu

O Mensageiro

The Messenger

Joao Pereira

João Pereira

One of the Companions of Mestre Irineu

Seis de Janeiro

Sixth of January

Madrinha Rita

Madrinha Rita

The wife of Padrinho Sebastião and the mother of Padrinho Alfredo

Lua Branca

The White Moon hinario

Madrinha Julia

Madrinha Julia

The sister of Madrinha Rita

O Convite

The Invitation Hinário

Madrinha Cristina

Madrinha Cristina

The sister-in-law of Madrinha Rita

A Mensagem

The Message Hinário

Madrinha Maria Brilhante

Madrinha Maria Brilhante

Estrela Brilhante

Shining Star



Francisco Fernando Filho

O Assessor

The Advisor