Recording source: Ben Burman
Ask For The Strength You Need
Ask for the strength you need
To be true to your highest creed
To do the work and understand
Your salvation is God’s plan

Forgiveness is the key
Forgive yourself to be free
Unleash the strength you hide
With ears open and eyes wide

To be present with the truth
That your love of God is guiding you
To reflect His holy grace
To the entire human race

See the light within their heart
Let the veil of darkness begin to part
Release the pain of hate
Free your mind and illuminate

God’s eternal plan
Is for every woman and every man
To know the peace within His heart
Everyone must do their part

Throw off the chains of sloth
Prepare yourself to pay the cost
Rise up and face your fears
The journey begins here

Stay centered in the love
Meet eye to eye the presence of
God within us all
Now’s the time Answer the call

Demonstrate the truth you know
The life you live is the seed you sow
It’s not enough to only speak
If we are to reach that which we seek

Procrastination has to go
With discipline the world we show
What is possible for us to do
We make the choices to make it true

With love we transform ourselves
Transcending what we buy or sell
Letting go of who we were
So the healing can occur

Loose the bonds that hold you fast
To the whipping post that is your past
Redefine the path you choose
Become the love that is healing you.

Now step into the light
You belong here it is your right
Reclaim your divinity
Remember God created you free