Recording source: Ben Burman
I Look To The Sun And The Moon
I look to the Sun and the Moon
To teach me where my place is
To know the truth when I see it
To feel the power where it is

Remove the blinders from my eyes
So I can see the way home
Give me strength to overcome
My resistance to change

In my heart there is unity
Of strength, purpose, and love
With this trinity I focus my intention
To create what I am to be

I align my actions
To accomplish the goals that I seek
The truth of possibility
Is the one of which I speak

I transcend my limitations
By acknowledging what I have to do
The tasks that lie before me
Are the steps I need to take to see it through

I break through the stagnation
Because I am yearning to be free
With discipline I transform
Myself with all humility

I do the will of the creator
The origin of all that is to be
To love all creation
And teach this lesson to all humanity

The choices that I make
Determine who I will be
With love and understanding
I choose to set myself free