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Thanks to a generous commitment from CEFLURGEM - the largest organization of North American Daime churches - as well as a church from the Pacific Northwest of the US and several individuals, the monthly costs to maintain this website are now covered.

This is a blessing I never expected and was not really prepared for. I am working to set something up so that those who wish to support the site may do so. In the meanwhile, I encourage you to donate to a cause that feels good.

In the meantime, please consider one of the opportunities on the right.

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Dearest family, let’s be sure to stand in solidarity with those who have worked so hard to secure the Doctrine in Colônia Cinco Mil all these years, with donations for the health of Neucilene Santos de Souza before close of business this Friday. Neucilene, warrior-spirited sister of the Doctrine, daughter-in-law of Padrinho Wilson Carneiro, and reference point within the Doctrine, at this moment urgently requires medical treatment to ensure her health. The family of Padrinho Wilson Carneiro, to commemorate his centenary, made a beautiful live streaming Daime event happen on Saturday, resolving to dedicate the donations to Neucilene’s health. Please, let’s be humanitarian, collaborating with this important aim. Donate via PayPal pool: Medical care for Neucilene Santos de Souza

Céu do Mapiá's Health Campaign continues. To learn more and contribute, please click here:
Campanha Saúde Mapiá

The Campaign for Drinking Water in São Irineu is also still open:
Campaign for Drinking Water in São Irineu
This project is trying to develop access to clean drinking water in the original homeplace of Mestre Irineu and his family.

Please let me know on the Contact Page if you know of any other campaigns that might belong on this list.