Recording source: Ben Burman
I Stand Within The Light
I stand within the light
As it washes over me
Cleansing my impurities
Giving strength where it needs to be

This gift of love
I thank you for
To appreciate
What life has in store

With faith and hope
I lift my eyes up
To see the truth
That we are one

In the divine eternal star
Shining bright
In the heart of who we are

This awareness of God
Will guide us
To love
To love

Here we are
Standing before You
Presenting our healing
For us to do

We raise ourselves up
We are not afraid
To do the work
So the price will be paid

The price of wisdom
Is the willingness to see
In the depths of your soul
Is the face of your enemy

The choice is yours
Who to follow
Walk in the light
Or stay in the shadows

The path is narrow
That your steps must fall upon
Keep your mind on God
To know right from wrong

With in the stillness
The divine purity
Welcomes us home to be
Loved for eternity

The beauty of
God’s eternal love
The eagle and the dove
Are inside of me