Recording source: Ben Burman
The Mother Of Us All
The mother of us all is here
To sing her song to you
To instruct us in the ways
Of being firm and being true

Prepare yourself with intention
To be open to the teaching
To listen very well
You must refrain from speaking

Face the light that invigorates
Every fiber of your being
It will show you how to lift your heart
And augment what you’re seeing

Love the Lord God
To begin the healing
The glory and the graciousness
Is the love that you are feeling

Now with consideration
For the weak and the poor
Lift up those who come knocking
God’s love is the reward

We all must pay attention
To continue to be loving
Choosing where to place our thoughts
The truth we are discovering

We are all God’s children
Teach us to be one
With love for all humanity
Our journey has begun

Step forth with righteousness
Tempered by humility
The teachings of the universe
Are gifts of God for us to see

The songs we sing to declare
The love She has for you
Are expressions of divinity
To illuminate the truth

The Mother is all around
The Earth, the Air, the Sea
In the fibers of our being
The mystery is revealed