Recording source: Ben Burman
When I Wake Up In The Morning
When I wake up in the morning
And you’re lying next to me
I thank the Lord
For allowing me to see
Your beauty and perfection
And what you mean to me
You are my soul’s reflection;
Your love sets me free

You call me to my heights
And you bring me to my knees
Because you’ve seen the darkest part of me
Yet you offer me reprieve
And the love you give
Makes it easy to perceive
Your strength and wisdom
Are guiding me

You bless me with your tenderness;
Your caress holds me dear
I listen to the truth
That you whisper in my ear
With you by my side
I can face the things I fear
My love for you
Makes it all so clear

From judgment to redemption
Your guidance brings me here
To face the music
That is ringing in my ears
Singing the truth
For all the world to hear
You make my life complete
With laughter and tears

With courage and clarity
I extend my hand to you
Taking your hand in mine
I keep my compass true
Through pounding rain and foggy night
Your light will see me through
To wake up every morning
My love for you renewed