Recording source: Ben Burman
In The Hours Of Your Transformation
In the hours of your transformations
When you enter into your meditations
Every path to heaven has its stations
To know true love is to know its conflagrations

This path through the depths of sorrow
Creates the clarity of tomorrow
To make the changes needed to be holy
To heal the wounds that love has shown me

Being present in the face of grief
Is the first step toward your release
Hold on to the truth that brings relief
That God’s love will bring you peace

Seek the truth, be strong, and trust yourself
Don’t be tempted by the comfort of your shell
Sometimes to get to Heaven you go through Hell
But the lessons that you learn will serve you well

Don’t let fear rule the land of love
Trust the wisdom from above
Believe the truth that you can heal yourself
The story is yours to tell

Know you are a child of God
Love the Lord and know you’re not forgotten
Walk the path with righteous elevation
To find your way home to salvation