Recording source: Ben Burman
Expose Me To My Deepest Truth
Bring yourself to the place you wish to be
So you can take part in reality
Build a foundation of truth in your heart
Let your inner eye show you where to start

Expose me to my deepest truth
Explore the intricacies of you
Look deep inside to find the proof
That God is it all the me and the you

Point me on the path to righteousness
Let me recognize the ways I am blessed
Being in the hands of God
Is to accept the praise and the prod

I know I am the one to see it through
The transformations that make it true
I won’t be afraid to face myself
I am the only one who can accept my wealth

Open my heart to the guiding light
Open my mind to what I know is right
The beauty and the power rest in my hands
The choices in my life determine where I stand

Choose to follow the path of Love
With divine guidance from above
Don’t settle for anything less than excellence
Identify your faults and repent

Open my being to my inner strength
So I can be clear with my intent
Inhabit the beauty deep in my heart
Let my love shine forth an honor to the stars