Recording source: Ben Burman
Focus On The Light
Focus on the light
That guides you from within
Determining where you’re going
And showing where you’ve been

The path lies out before you
Calling you to become
The radiant being you are
To share with everyone

Fill me with the guiding holy sight
Bless my soul and keep me through the night
Transform the darkness into light
May God’s love ease the suffering tonight

Uncover my beauty
And release my strength
Fill my soul with light
From which my heart can extend

To glorify your kindness
With all that I do
I pray for guidance to see the truth
In me and in you

Present our gifts of love and sacrifice
The choices that we make all have their price
Choose the path to walk so we may rise
With eyes that see the truth and recognize

God oh mighty origin
From whence we all came
The whole universe
Is one and the same

Release yourself from suffering
Don’t worry about the past
Acknowledge the moment flowing
Because the moment never lasts

Perceive the holy light throughout this world
Pray for the Prince of peace to be heard
And heal the cruelty that has occurred
To Shepard us toward our rebirth

Make your enemies your brothers
Let go of the fear
Disarm hatred’s power
And dry up your tears

Now open up your eyes
It’s time to realize
There’s no use for the disguise
Let the truth make you wise

From the darkness step into the light
Now is the time to do what‘s right
Love your enemies with all your might
That is how you honor the Christ