Recording source: Ben Burman
The Balance
As I walk along the road
I look for guidance and behold
There is your loving kindness
Holding me my soul to mold

We have the choice to be free
Look inside and you will see
What you are is beautiful
Let your self be wonderful

Look up and see his grace
The glory that we all must face
Don’t get caught in misery
Don’t dig up the roots to find the leaves

Plant the seed inside your self
You must accept your wealth
If you want to make a change
The truth of love must be faced

The heart of this world needs you
Open to the love that’s breathing
In the focus out the joy
Of the children girl and boy

Life has pain and pleasure too
The balance is inside of you
Let your heart be your guide
God will be right by your side

We must be resplendent
To know we are not independent
We are all connected
The whole world must be protected

It is the most important thing
To this task ourselves we bring
Demonstrating with our love
The wisdom of God above

It is in the choices we make
The power with which we create
The life we have, the breath we take
Choose to love don’t hesitate

Release yourself from suffering
Then your strength you can bring
To make the world start listening
And honor what it is your offering

Be the change you want to see
And always seek the mystery
That is how you heal the world
And let the joy in your heart unfurl