Recording source: Ben Burman
Look Inside
Look inside
You will find the strength you need
Inside of everything you see

The broken heart
Is the open door…to the wisdom
That was invisible before

Choose to see
The gifts you receive…from the union
Of strength and humility

Let us rise
Inspired by the love…of God
Release yourself from suffering

Open your heart
To find your way…through the darkness
To see the dawning of a new day

Trust yourself
With the power to change…Let go of
The trappings of who you once were

Abandon the habits
That bring you down
Focus on the light you have found

Be self-defining
With wisdom and joy…Don’t forget
Separation is a ploy

The wisdom you seek
You already have…in your heart
Become who you are

Receive the light
The divine harmony…is everything
Look inside

Perceive the essence
Of this kernel of truth…that God’s love
Is inside of you

Be a dynamo
Of irrepressible joy…Let God’s love
Shine forth from the depths of your soul