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The Choice
When it’s time to sleep
Pray the Lord my soul to keep
Let my sleep be healing
Lead me to who I have to be

Guide me with your love
And your strength from above
Oh, let me see clearly
All the things I need to see

To walk the path of love
With the eagle and the dove
Oh, let me feel dearly
Love for all humanity

The love I have to give
And the life I have to live
Open my heart to the knowing
The truth of love will set me free

The more you give the more you get
So give it all, no regrets
Oh, let me stand firm
In the grace of your love

Show me the way
How to kneel and how to pray
Oh, let me know your glory
Unmistakably divine

To realize the truth
What I am is what I choose
Oh let me be humble
And guided by the truth

In you, I find the strength
To face my fears and make amends
Oh, let me forgive
Those who tread upon me

Then answer to my pain
Take responsibility again
Oh, let me face bravely
The teachings of reality

Lessons from pain and pleasure
Are the cost and the treasure
Oh, let me embrace
The nature of this world

The dark is strong. The light is bright.
It’s not as clear as black or white
And God is it all
As we rise and as we fall

Loving is the way
To find harmony today
Let my heart be open
To the lessons I must learn