Recording source: Raga
The Beauty You Seek
The beauty you seek outside of you
It is inside of your soul

Don’t be confused
don’t be deluded
Nothing is outside of you

Excuses do not add up to much
1- when you’re dealing with
2- when you’re dealing with eternity

Don’t be confused
Don’t be deluded
1- nothing is outside of you
2-there is much work to do

The darkness inside
God gave it to us
1- for us to uncover it as gold
2- for us to uncover our soul

Grab your sword
Enter the darkness
Just as st. Michael showed

Don’t go on pretending you are alone
1- it will only cause you more pain
2-it will only cause you more shame

Seek the help
Without confusion
It is your freedom you have to gain

The secrets behind our sexuality
guide us to our deepest pain

Don’t be afraid
It is safe now
In the end only love remains