I take refuge under your wing
Guide me and protect me
Teach me your ways of light
I take refuge under your wing

All this suffering we pass through
Is a fire to transform us
Into compassionate beings
To serve this family on Earth

I am an arrow of God
Shot forth by Divine Hand
My flight, it is straight and true
I do always as they command

The arrow has landed here
It is here by your side
Do not run away
I too, am by your side

Open your heart to the Master
He is standing by your side
He is opening the ancient path
The path to the home deep inside

I am a tree of peace
Planted beside the river
The river that flows to the sea
Come and rest and drink deep peace

I am a boat by the shore
Waiting to cross the sea
To carry the pilgrim home
Far away to the distant shore

An ocean of blessings to you
You will receive all that you need
Faith, love and forgiveness
Is the small boat that carries you home