The Way Of Transformation
Rise up we are on a journey
A journey to the lands of the King
High Celestial Court of the Astral
We are traveling with Titango

In this journey some will suffer
These are the adjustments of the Queen
Preparing us to receive instruction
And enter into her domain

The lesson begins with surrender
That we can be taught to really see
Let go my brother, my sister
Into these hands of assurance and certainty

The lesson goes on pay close attention
Rose, gold and green
These are the colors of transformation
These are colors of the Queen

Rose the color of the heart as it awakens
Awakens to the truth and all the joy
Gold the color of the sunlight
As it hits the green of the leaf

Rainha da Floresta
The mystery of each awakening being
As it comes into the divine understanding
Of its place in Divine Reality

Rainha da Floresta
I ask that you transform me
Take away this separation
Connect and transform with your love

Rainha da Floresta
Help me to awaken in the mystery
Standing here at the foot of this cross
I pledge myself to divine reality

Rainha da Floresta
I thank you and all beings
That come from far away lands
To transform, heal and teach