Recording source: Céu da Divina Luz

Recording source: Doran's SkyDrive
Mother In Me
I greet you my Mother
Here in this place
You showed me God is one
And She will lead the way

I thank you my mother
You showed me your face
You showed me the One
We are not alone in this place

God lives within us
He shows us the way
Let go of your fear
Let go of your fear

Oh Mother Oh Father
I need to go deep
Inside the mountain
Where the volcano sleeps

And from the volcano
The lava will flow
The flowers will grow
And lighten the way

The fear that we live with
The fear is inside
For fear there’s no room
Only love will prevail

The fear of our Father
Illusions in our minds
Let love come inside us
To lead our one way

Oh Mother Oh Mother
Oh Mother the Moon
You give birth to the Son
And the stars in our minds

You are the guide to my healing
Let me trust in Your way
For God is inside us
Now and all day