Recording source: Ben Burman
Heart Song
Speak into my open ears
I listen to the truth I fear
When I am weak or when I’m strong
Your wisdom guides me along

I present myself to all here
With my faults in my hands for me to heal
With all I love and all I trust
I shine with God or turn to dust

Though the pain is great to look upon
The weaknesses that I took on
I must look steadfast and strong
So I do the right and not the wrong

It must be clear for all to see
The choices made reside in me
Be they wise or foolish I will find
Keeping your guidance on my mind

This path of love and transformation
Is the source of my inspiration
It opens my heart and clears my vision
Erases my doubt and indecision

My heart’s eye makes the teaching plain
And I learn the lesson once again
That I am one with all I see
In the heart of God’s mystery

I am self aware and focused on
The goals I’ve set and the ones beyond
I align my self with the eternal truth
The heart of me is the heart of you

There’s no escape from God’s great plan
Do what you must, do what you can
The way is clear to walk upon
Let loose your love for everyone