Recording source: Céu da Divina Luz
Emptiness Is Form
Every thing you want
Every thing you hear
Every thing you see
Ever thing that's dear
Ever thing you take
And everything you own
All that you destroy
Know you are not alone

Every thing you love
All you think you need
Everything inside
Is what you always feed

The truth is only in
The heart for you to find
Forget about illusion
It keeps you plain ol' blind

Let go of what you think
Let go of what you want
Awake to truth by letting
The things you crave behind
No matter what it is
Or what you thing it's worth
Awake to truth by knowing
Your worth is the true worth

Beware of what you say
All you think and do
Every little thing
Will all come back to you

All you have to do
Is be with all that comes
Pain, joy and anger
And all this too shall pass

All emptyness is form
This is because of that
The way is to be present
The heart, the heart, the heart

Received 2013-01-10