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Daime Is The Light
Daime is the light
Daime is the force
Daime in the moon
Daime in the sea

The wind rides 'round
The Earth and through the trees
Calling all in the world
Uniting forces on our knees

Borders we will cross
Boundaries they will fall
Let's build a bridge
Together now for all

Hail to the Queen
Mother, give us light
Yemanja is the power
Who will crash across the night

They ride upon the sea
Blue brilliance like a veil
Open up your arms
In their beauty we will sail

Behold the Healing Star
It shines in all of us
A purifying fire
To mend hearts and make us just

Animals of the land
They pound across the Earth
Marching right beside us
They hold firm for our rebirth

The sun, the moon, the stars
The Earth, the wind, the sea
Heaven, send us rain
Clean our mentality

Brother (Sister), grab your sword
Sister (Brother), sing your song
The Daime is the path
That together we walk on