Recording source: Doran's SkyDrive
The Army Of Jesus Christ
The beginning of the Path
Is the opening of the heart
The teacher, the learner
Are one in this true love

It is love that shows the way
To the peace and bliss within
There’s no suffering unwilling
To surrender to this love

When liberation comes to one
It brings blessings to us all
So pray well and work for
The release of everyone

To be a teacher of light and peace
Is to surrender all you are
In giving you receive more
Than ever came before

In the army of Jesus Christ
We are warriors of the heart
Protecting and defending
These seeds of love in all

Master Jesus came to Earth
To release us from our pain
He is holding and guiding us
To be one with His true name

So gather courage for your path
It is long but worth the trip
You are guided and protected
By our Lord Juramidam

He has come again to tell
Of the mysteries of love
He will teach you through the powers
Of compassion, trust and truth

Under the Flag of the Star and the Cross
We will pray for the healing of all
And in serving we are given
A path that will not let us fall