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Song Of The Wind
My Master is the Lord of the Wind
He teaches his secrets to me
He fills me with his divine breath
Awareness and clarity
My Master come to cleanse my thoughts
Remove these obscurities
My Mother sings a song through the flower of the wind
To guide and protect me
A beautiful white bird from the mountains of the west
A breeze of tranquility
My Mother I ask you to clear my mind
Relieve this anxiety

My Father makes his home on the mountain so high
He brings its forces to me
Aligns me with the earth and the sky
My heart, my destiny
My Father I offer this pain, this grief
These things I no longer need
My brothers, my sisters, my daughters, my
The time to gather is here
Strengthen your hearts and firm your minds
Let go of pain and fear
Present yourself to the forces of life
Consider what they provide
Offer yourself, sing this song of the wind
Remember who gives you life