Recording source: Doran's SkyDrive
Forever I Want To Be
Forever I want to be
Forever in Your sight
Forever beholding Thee
Sacred unto the night

Forever I want to be
With Your holy love
Forever I want to be
In Your presence as above

In Your presence
I will feel love
As I want to in my heart
All that is no longer needed
Will leave my heart of love

In the calling
That I feel, Lord
I see Your heart of love
I feel Your holy calling
Which fits me like a glove

In Your presence
I can release
All fears I feel inside
All that is no longer needed
I release now from inside

I am clean, Lord
I am clean, Lord
I will follow the holy path
To the calling of my soul
I ask for strength to be made whole

In the city You are building
We are present
We feel inside
The responsibility
To this destiny

Give us strength, Lord
Give us compassion
And give us humility
To fulfill all Your wishes
We make this choice freely

Help us to obey
To not question
Your holy will
Help us to understand
To be joyful in this land

From what is no longer needed
Our hearts embrace Your love
We are clean
And we are following
All blessings to above