Recording source: Doran's SkyDrive
The Call
Inside my heart, inside my mind
It's only the truth that I will find
Forever young, forever old
Infinity sings its sacred sound

The truth is triumphant
Its bliss will open up your heart
Send your prayers to our Father
That you will open to the sea of infinite bliss

This is the moment, this is the age
For the time of ignorance to pass
Insidious heathens pack your bags
Forever the truth is going to last

The call to our Father
The yearning to hear His sacred call
The prayer of our Mother
Our ignorance like leaves are going to fall

This burgeoning age still filled with rage
Will cleanse the fear within our hearts
To be one with God in peace and in union
Heaven will live within our hearts

This peace loving age
Will spread like a fire throughout the land
Bringing the union
Putting us in the palm of God's hand

Opening the sacred call
So the union will open to us all
Bringing tears of joy
As harmony we move into one and all