My name is Ben Tobias and I am the creator of nossairmandade.com. I'm a software engineer, a kambo practitioner, a dad, and a few other things besides. I live in Seattle, WA, USA, where I am part of a Daime church called Céu de Seattle.

When I started taking Daime in the fall of 2009, there were no online resources to speak of for new people to study the hymns or the doctrine of the Daime. I took it on myself to make something, a place where people could find recordings and text for the hymns so they could practice even if they didn't have a book or a recording of their own. At that time these things were hard to come by!

Needless to say, having been in the Daime for three months, I didn't know much. I made lots of mistakes and lots of assumptions that turned out to be incorrect. Over the years I've received lots of feedback - mostly friendly - pointing me in a more correct direction. And as you may know, the Daime is a tree with many branches and it's very difficult to represent them all in the same place. As much as I may wish to do so, the site is not perfect.

If you find something incorrect on the site, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. While I can't always fix things right away - this site is an act of service for me and competes with all of the other necessities in my life - I will do my best. I love to hear from you about your experiences with the site. And I really want this to be a collaboration. What makes the Santo Daime great is every one of us.

Thanks so much for being here. Viva the Santo Daime!