Goddess Of Fire Raga H.  #11 << A Rainha E Nosso Padrinho :: Mother of the Waters :: Pai Celestial >>

From the depths of the Earth
Comes the Goddess of Fire
Feel her heat, feel her flames
She comes to purify us

Let her fire burn you clean
Surrender to her pains
She is cutting you from illusion
She comes here to transform us

In the depths of her womb
Is the greatest volcano
Giving birth to all life
The power of creation

Birth and death are her domain
They are one in the same
With her sword of fire
We're liberated from the game

Now she dances in red satin
Arabian queen
Igniting the sacred serpent
That gives life to us

On a journey she will take you
To the core of everything
Try to trust and surrender
To receive her holy strength

Feel her heat, feel her flames
In devotion we sing
To the Goddess of Fire
Kali is her name