Mother Of The Moon Raga H.  #23 << Com Firmeza :: Mother of the Waters :: Flor Do Mar >>

Mother of the Moon
Mother of the Earth
Mother of the Sea
Carried by the wind I hear your voice
calling me
Don't forget! Don't forget!

You are a maiden of Divine purity
It is from my waters that you come and
you shall go
Look deep within to learn the secrets
you must know
Seek the truth
But please be gentle
Bringing acceptance to every part of

As Sereias do mar vêm nós batizar
Com águas sagradas
Para lavar e salvar
Oh Mamãe! Please welcome me
(1)I want to swim in the depths of your blue sea
(2) Into my place in Divine Femininity

Mother of the Moon
Mother of the Earth
Mother of the Sea
Your crystal moonlight illuminates the
path for me
It is in your rivers
And in your forests, it is in you that I
see my true beauty

Mother of the Wind
E a Rainha Iemanjá
Mamãe dos fogós que vem purificar
Mamãe Oxúm! Com seu luar
E Mãe Jurema vem nos abençoar

The Mermaids of the Sea come to
baptize us with sacred waters
To cleanse and to save

Mother of the Wind
And the Queen Iemanjá
Mother of the fires that comes to purify
Mommy Oxúm! With your moonlight
And Mother Jurema comes to bless us