Warrior Of Light Raga H.  #6
Offered to Marie Bouman
<< Mensagem Da Preta Velha :: Mother of the Waters :: Firmeza >>

Once upon a time
There was darkness on the earth
It shook and it swayed
And there was much suffering

Grab your sword, enter the battle
Remember you're a warrior
A warrior of light
Joan of Arc is by your side

Listen to me daughter
My voice is loud and clear
Don't believe in the sickness
For that is only fear

Give everything to nature
Give it up to transform
Have faith in the Master
That you will be reborn

The life force that brings every seed
And leaf into flower
I call on this force
To bring a healing power

Descending from a bright star
Your guides are here to heal
Trust in them and your Divine Queen
The Queen of Victory